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At ZAssessments, we administer, score and report on psychological evaluation test batteries which are designed to identify candidates with the greatest potential to learn new skills and knowledge, particularly those skills which are crucial for learning and educational environments. 

We assist corporates to facilitate decisions regarding candidate eligibility for:
1. Recruitment and Selection
2. Career Development and Upward Mobility
3. Skills Development and Learning
4. Leadership Development

1. Recruitment and Selection

At ZAssessments, we conduct psychological evaluation of your applicants to ensure you select the right candidates who meet the job requirements and selection criteria.

By conducting psychometric assessments specifically related to the job profile, an applicant’s reasoning abilities, personality, work related integrity and emotional intelligence can be identified to assist in ensuring the best placement.

2. Career Development and Upward Mobility

We use psychometric tests to evaluate your employees to facilitate the promotion of the best candidates to ensure succession planning and staff retention.

By using, valid and reliable assessment techniques, employees with promotional and managerial potential will be identified more easily. Once identified, individual development plans can be compiled wherein the employee’s development needs can be addressed in order to ensure their development towards optimal performance at Managerial level.

3. Skills Development and Learning

Psychological evaluation of your employees will ensure the training and development of the best employees. This will ensure the organic growth of the skills pool/talent pipeline for sustainability.

Using our valid and reliable assessment techniques, we help identify candidates who meet job specific role requirements.

Candidates can be developed within the role or reassigned to a more suitable role where their skills and abilities can be used effectively to the benefit of the organisation.

4. Workplace Stress Support

We are well acquainted with and provide support and counselling for workplace dynamics and career-related stressors such as:

  • Long hours and heavy workload 
  • Job insecurity 
  • Disciplinary action 
  • Restructuring and retrenchments 
  • Conflict with co-workers and/or management
  • Workplace bullying
  • Burnout syndrome
  • Working-mom burnout
  • Work-life integration

5. Career Planning

  • Few decisions in life are as important as the choice of a career and every possible step should be taken to assess those factors that can predict career success.
  • It has been shown that interests and self-estimates of ability are very helpful in making the right career decisions.
  • Our career assessment tools are applicable to individuals in High School and Institutions of Higher Learning and to adults in employment seeking a mid-career change.
  • Remember that managing an individual’s career is not a one-time decision but a series of decisions made over one’s lifetime. 
  • 1. Strong Interest Inventory

    • This instrument is a powerful tool that can help an individual make satisfying decisions about their career and education. Whether one is just starting out in their career, thinking about a change, or considering education options for career preparation, individuals can benefit from the wealth of information reflected in their Strong results. Understanding their Strong profile can help an individual identify a career focus and begin their career planning and exploration process.
    • The Strong measures interests not skills or abilities, and the results can help guide an individual toward rewarding careers, work activities, education programs and leisure activities – all based on their interests.

2. Career Interest Profile

  • This questionnaire has been developed and consequently should be interpreted from the outlook that individuals are the sole experts on their lives and consequently make their own career choices on their own.
  • As such no person should make such life determining choices for or on behalf of an individual.

3. Maree Career Matrix

  • This tool measures an individual’s attraction to various job categories by asking them to rate their interest and skill levels in a variety of different occupations.

4. Sources of Work Stress Inventory

  •  This questionnaire examines how stressed an individual is at work by way of a series of questions outlined on the questionnaire.

Learning Potential Batteries

Our instruments aim at assessing an individual’s ability to learn in the future/learning potential rather than assessing an individual’s past skill acquisition. The most effective way to do this is to give the candidate cognitively challenging material to learn in the testing situation and assess the degree of learning which takes place. 

The batteries are unrelated to the content of any real-life discipline – to prevent any individuals having an unfair advantage. The scores indicate the degree to which the candidate is likely to be able to learn and master cognitively demanding new challenges of an occupational and educational nature.

Below are the batteries listed in ascending order of the educational level for which each is intended:

a. Tram 1 (0-5 years of education)
b. Tram 2 (5-10 years of education)
c. APIL B (Matric and graduate)
d. APIL SV (Matric and graduate)


Career Assessments and Subject Choice Guidance

The career assessment is a battery of tests which assess a learner’s aptitude, interests, and personality traits. The assessment report will provide us with a report outlining which careers are best suited based on the learner’s interests and abilities.

Subject choice guidance evaluates the learner’s subject choice to determine whether the learner’s current subjects are aligned to their interests/abilities and ideal/preferred career path.

The Application Strategy: provides a list of possible academic course of study / qualifications (Degree/Diploma) and the relevant National Institutions of Higher Learning (University/Technikon) aligned to the learner’s career interests/aspirations and subjects (Grade 11-12).

Where learner’s current subjects do not meet their ideal/preferred career of choice, this may be remedied through subject choice guidance. (Grades 8-10).

The Managed Application process: Handles the application process on behalf of the learners – assists learners to apply to the Institutions of Higher Learning. It includes 4x institution applications and the entire application process that will secure the learner’s admission into the course/institution post matric (the following year).

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Pre-employment assessments are shown to be one of the most affordable and most effective ways companies can ensure maximum return on investment.